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"Wonder," Marian Liddell's unique project, intricately explores religion, vintage erotica, loss of innocence, sex, and trauma with profound depth. It navigates spirituality and human connection, reflects on historical attitudes towards sexuality, and traces the journey from naivety to awareness. Through a blend of Super 8 and DSLR formats, "Wonder" fearlessly confronts the complexities of intimacy and vulnerability, offering a textured and nuanced exploration of the human condition.


Director/Producer: Marian Liddell

Soy Chingona

"Soy Chingona" heralds the debut single of The Tiarras, an electrifying all-female rock band. Directed by Kris Saad, the music video pulsates with vibrant energy, spotlighting each member with charisma and flair. This dynamic portrayal captures the band's youthful exuberance as they embark on their musical journey, blending infectious rhythms with empowering visuals that resonate with audiences.


"Moira" is an experimental film that delves into the journey of healing after sexual assault. Shot on Kodak 7285 Ektachrome Reversal film stock and cross-processed, its unique visual style adds depth to its moving narrative. Completed as a pre-thesis project at the University of Texas, "Moira" has yet to be released to the public. If you're interested in viewing the full film, please contact me for access.


Director/Producer: Michelle Nehme

The Last Request