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Ellie Ann Fenton

Ellie Ann Fenton is an award-winning director of photography and camera operator. Raised in the vast West Texas desert of El Paso, Ellie's journey into the world of cinematography began at the University of Texas at Austin and her continued pursuit of excellence led her to the prestigious American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California. Her career has spanned the globe, driven by a profound love of sharing the human experience and exploration.


As a female cinematographer and member of the IATSE Local 600 camera union, Ellie Ann brings a unique perspective to her work, infusing every project with a calm and safe energy that fosters creativity and collaboration on set. Her portfolio encompasses narrative and documentary features, as well as long-form episodic streaming and TV.  


Ellie's commitment to storytelling is evident in her diverse body of work, starting from local college hip hop shows and progressing to grip and electric work on independent films to hone her lighting skills. Her career has evolved into acclaimed projects like "Running with Beto" and "Mercy Black.” She remains dedicated to her growth as an artist and student of life.


Ellie Ann thrives in the dynamic realm of filmmaking, tackling each obstacle with inventive solutions and unwavering support for her team. She believes the magic of filmmaking is in the transformative power of collaboration, while the joy stems from telling stories—both real and imagined—that connect with audiences on a deeply human level. Believing in the power of shared experiences to unite us, she sees filmmaking as a means to visually express these connections, a sentiment she embodies as a female cinematographer and camerawoman in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

After over a decade of living and working as a film industry professional in the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles, Ellie found herself drawn back to her roots in Austin, Texas. Serendipitously navigating between the two cities, Ellie now calls both Los Angeles and Austin home, fulfilling a lifelong dream of staying connected to the energy and creativity of both communities.

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